Angry Ball VR

Game Designer and Interaction Designer

Design Overview Angry Ball VR, the 3D action puzzle game, had been developed in 2017 and I joined the team as a game designer to improve the game system in May 2018. I was responsible for further developing for focusing on the game story, the UI/UX design, and the stage design. Angry Ball VR was awarded the government startup R&D funding program 2018 in South Korea, and I managed the whole application process. Nov 2018, this game was released on Steam.

My Responsibilities

  • Implemented a new UI/UX system for tutorial and game play
  • Wrote game dialogues as a narrative director
  • Designed core gameplay systems and user experience
  • Led usability test and provide constructive feedback
  • Supervised online marketing using Steamworks, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager

Game Trailer

Game Design

VR storytelling
To introduce the cartoon world and how to play the game to players
My responsibility
I had to rewrite the story to shorten dialogues between an NPC and players because most players tended to skip dialogues and wanted to start the game quickly. To solve this problem, I developed concise dialogues and transform few stories into animation instead of texts, so that players understand the situation and the story more intuitively.

User experience design
Guiding players how to use a VR controller system to optimize the immersive experience
My responsibility
Players who play VR games for the first time have had difficulties adapting to the controller system and needed a more detailed description. To solve this problem, I designed the method to give instruction about which action is needed by showing a highlighted arrow model and a navigational text.

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  • Project Type: Game development
  • Location: Anyang, South Korea
  • Date: May 2018-Nov 2018
  • Development TIme: 7 months
  • Genre: VR Action Puzzle Game
  • Release: Nov 2018
  • Developer: MWNTech