Bloomengine Brand Marketing

Video Script Writing, Jul 2018 - Aug 2018

Design Overview I worked with the production team ‘Creative silver’ which is a team of multimedia artists in New York as a part of ‘Bloomengine’ promotion campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to introduce products to potential investors and customers for fundraising. The team at Bloomengine already had a commercial video that focused on the technology of the product, but they needed a new promotional video to expand its customer target. So, I was responsible for inventing concepts and copy that can attract new customers by appealing to their emotions. I also worked with the main director to write the video shooting script. I suggested that ‘Children’ and ‘Education’ would be effective marketing keyword to appeal to customers who have children. To emphasize this concept, I developed scenes in which children and parents draw pictures of the plants in Bloomengine together.

My Responsibilities

  • Wrote 3 minutes video scripts geared toward promoting a kickstart funding campaign
  • Helped coordinate and manage a 1-day shoot in New York as an assistant producer
  • Worked closely with a video production team

Promotion Video: Script Writing

Assistant Director

My responsibility
When we shot the video, I was responsible for monitoring the scenes following the script as an assistant director. This picture is about one of the scenes that the young child and her mother draw plants together looking at Bloomengine.

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  • Project Type: Product Promotion Campaign / Video Production
  • Location: New York, NY, USA
  • Date: Sep 2018
  • Client: Bloomengine
  • Production Team: Creativesilver