The Accidental Detective


Synopsis A true-crime enthusiast, Kang and veteran detective, Noh launches a joint murder investigation to help mutual friend who is wrongfully charged with murder.

My Responsibilities

  • Created marketing strategies and executed action plans to promote the film
  • Developed a communication plan with media agencies including tv commercials, print, digital, and theatrical promotions
  • Supervised and developed the film artwork with art designers for the promotional material
  • Set up film promotional events including renting a venue, writing cue sheets for the actors and the host
  • Responsible for proofing all written press releases, features, articles, and web contents

Design Overview

‘The Accidental Detective’ had many difficulties in terms of marketing because the two actors were no longer very popular, and it was not clear whether this film is comedy or thriller. This film was too cruel to be a comedy and had a simple plot to be a thriller. We decided that ‘comedy film with unexpected thrill’ would be an effective positioning strategy, so our priority plan was making friendly and funny images of the actors and having the audiences rediscover their charm as comedy actors. As a result, the film had more than 3 million viewers and total revenues recorded of more than double the production budget. Thanks to the success of the film, the sequel ‘The Accidental Detective 2’ was released in 2018.

Posters and Trailer

Marketing Campaigns

Press Screening
To make this different and memorable than an ordinary press screening, the actors wore characters' costume and acted short scenes to introduce their characters.
My responsibility
I supervised the stage design and wrote the guide scripts for the host and the actors.

Artwork Collaboration
To make friendly and funny image of the actors, we collaborated with the famous webtoon artist in South Korea and made various film merchandises using the caricature.
My responsibility
I worked with the agency of the artist and planned online marketing strategies related to this caricature.

Seasonal Promotion
Since it was an important holiday season in South Korea, we made a seasonal campaign video clip using the comic scenes of this film related to family relationships.
My responsibility
I proposed the method of this promotion, wrote a script for this special video clip and uploaded it on SNS as an online marketing.

Fan Event
To create a friendly image of the actors, we held the fan event with actors giving free coffee to university students.
My responsibility
I created the event theme, supervised artworks for the event, and managed the whole event.

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  • Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Drama
  • Rating: PG-15
  • Release: 2015-09-24
  • Director: Joung-hun Kim
  • Production: Cree Pictures Production
  • Distribution: CJ Entertainment