The King's Case Note


Synopsis A clever King and his brilliant chronicle keeper hunt for the truth behind a crime that threatens the throne and the stability of the country.

My Responsibilities

  • Created marketing strategies and executed action plans to promote the film
  • Developed a communication plan with media agencies including tv commercials, print, digital, and theatrical promotions
  • Supervised and developed the film artwork with art designers for the promotional material
  • Created direct social media campaigns for new releases of posters, and trailers, promotion events
  • Responsible for proofing all written press releases, features, articles, and web contents

Design Overview

‘The King's Case Note’ is a comic historical drama dealing with traditional science investigation. This film is an adaptation of a famous comic book, but the character’s setting was changed. Specifically, age and appearance of main characters, so that many of the comic books fans were disappointed. Also, at the beginning of the marketing plan, it was hard to attract the audience’s attention because the actors were not very popular at that time. We decided to hide the relationship with the original comic books as much as possible and focused instead on interesting scenes in the film such as the traditional science investigation and adventure. Also, we emphasized the relationship between the main characters as a buddy movie because they had a great on-screen chemistry in this film. As a result, this film reached about 1 million viewers.

Posters and Trailer

Marketing Campaigns

Special advertising
To attract young people’s attention at the theater, we created slogan poster with funny campaign message using the format of traditional three verse Korean poem.
My responsibility
I planned this advertising wrote the copy, and supervised artworks.

Film Showcase
To inform this film’s interesting setting, we held film showcase with audiences and talked about the production note and the behind story of this film.
My responsibility
I supervised stage design and wrote the guide script for host and actors.

Seasonal Poster
To make people laugh and deliver the concept of this film, we released fake poster for April Fool's day.
My responsibility
I supervised poster design with poster designers and wrote the copy of this poster.

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  • Genre: Period, Comedy
  • Rating: PG-12
  • Release: 2017-04-26
  • Director: Moon Hyun Sung
  • Production: Film Company RAM
  • Distribution: CJ Entertainment