Love Forecast


Synopsis When Joon-Soo falls in love he tries to give everything to the girl. Even though he does all of that, he is the one that get dumped. Hyun-Woo works as a weathercaster. Unlike her beautiful appearance, she acts excessively and talks in a tough manner. A romance blooms between these two people.

My Responsibilities

  • Created marketing strategies and executed action plans to promote the film
  • Developed a communication plan with media agencies including tv commercials, print, digital, and theatrical promotions
  • Supervised and developed the film artwork with art designers for the promotional material
  • Set up film promotional events including renting a venue, writing cue sheets for the actors and the host
  • Created direct social media campaigns for new releases of posters, and trailers, promotion events

Design Overview

‘Love Forecast’ is a romantic comedy film depicting the relationship between men and women as being as delicate and complex as the weather. The main target was the 10 to 20 age group, so our top priority was online marketing. Through the SNS channel, we uploaded short video clips about love on weekly basis and built brand partnerships with couple dating online sites. We also were able to get a lot of seasonal benefits through an effective advertising strategy on Christmas and New Year’s Day. As a result, it ranked at second place in the South Korean box office on opening day with over 9 hundred thousand viewers in its first five days ultimately reaching about 2 million views.

Posters and Trailer

Marketing Campaigns

Film and Music Showcase
We held a film and music festival with famous artists who sang a love song and invited an audience over 500 people. The actors and singers talked together about the new generation's love attitudes at scenes.
My responsibility
I planned the above the event, supervised the stage design, and wrote the guide scripts for the host and the actors.

Online Promotion
To appeal young generation, we made online messenger's emoticon for couples using the poster images.
My responsibility
I developed the emoticon promotion and worked with the online messenger team to distribute it.

Christmas Poster
To promote watching this film during the Christmas season
My responsibility
I suggested the image and the copy of the poster and worked with art designers.

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  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Rating: PG-15
  • Release: 2015-01-14
  • Director: Jin-pyo Park
  • Production: Popcorn Film
  • Distribution: CJ Entertainment