Interaction Designer and 3D Artist

Design Overview

‘Bedtime’ is a VR storytelling experience built on Oculus. The story is about the journey to the land of slumber island as the guest tries to get the son to go to bed. The guest explores the imaginary drawing world created by the son.

My Responsibilities

  • 3D modeling and texturing assets using Maya, photoshop, and substance painter
  • Contributed the story concept and interaction design
  • Conducted play testing and feedback analysis

UX Challenges

  • The balance of dialogue and interactions
  • Building an emotional connection through meaningful interactions
  • Natural transition to the hand-drawing world from the real world

Interaction Flow

Final Trailer

The impact

This project was invited 2019 BVW Festival and had received positive feedback from guests.

  • Project Type: BVW Course projects
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • Date: Oct 2019
  • Development TIme: 2 Weeks
  • Tools Unity, Maya, Substance Painter