The Admiral: Roaring Currents


Synopsis In the year 1597, when the Joseon Dynasty faces imminent ruin by the Japanese, disgraced Admiral YI Sun-shin is summoned as a last resort to lead the kingdom’s remaining 12 ships and an army of doubtful soldiers against the Emperor’s 330 strong fleet.

My Responsibilities

  • Conducted target audience research, blind screenings, focus group interviews
  • Created marketing strategies and executed action plans to promote the film
  • Developed a communication plan with media agencies including tv commercials, print, digital, and theatrical promotions
  • Supervised and developed the film artwork with art designers for the promotional material
  • Set up film promotional events including renting a venue, writing cue sheets for the actors and the host
  • Created direct social media campaigns for new releases of posters and trailers, promotion events

Design Overview

The film is based on the historical Battle of Myeongryang, it stars an ensemble cast and crew. It was the film with the highest budget in South Korea up to that time and the most realistic naval battle scenes were major features of this film. At that time, as people were impressed by the hidden historical facts and the leadership of the Admiral Yi, this film was regarded as must-watch film. As the film recorded 10 million admissions only 12 days after its premiere, it set a record for achieving such a high number of viewers in the shortest amount of time. The movie also surpassed Avatar’s record of 13 million viewers to become the most-watched and highest-grossing film of all time in South Korea, with 17.6 million admissions and a worldwide gross of US$135.9 million.

Posters and Trailer

Marketing Campaigns

Character Posters
To show each characters' dramatic story and emphasize cast's power
My responsibility
I suggested the images for the posters from among the film stills and the poster copy. Also, I supervised and developed the artworks with art designers for promotional events.

Immersive advertising
To show the realistic sea battle scenes to audiences, we collaborated with Screen X, which is immersive screen technology
My responsibility
I supervised advertising artworks for Screen X and worked with the Screen X team

Education Marketing
To explain background history of the film, collaborated with a famous history teacher and made lecture video clips. The whole series of these video recorded about 2M views on YouTube.
My responsibility
I selected the historical topics for the lecture and providing film materials that the teacher could use in the video.

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  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Rating: PG-15
  • Release: 2014-07-30
  • Director: Han-min Kim
  • Production: Bigstone Pictures
  • Distribution: CJ Entertainment