Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River


Synopsis Based on an ancient novel, Seondal is a genius swindler, possessing an alluring appearance and boldness. His swindler team is famous nationwide and decide to steal tobacco which is the most expensive traded product.

My Responsibilities

  • Created marketing strategies and executed action plans to promote the film
  • Developed a communication plan with media agencies including tv commercials, print, digital, and theatrical promotions
  • Supervised and developed the film artwork with art designers for the promotional material
  • Created direct social media campaigns for new releases of posters, and trailers, promotion events
  • Responsible for proofing all written press releases, features, articles, and web contents

Design Overview

Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River’ is the trendy heist film with young and attractive actors based on famous ancient novel in South Korea. The background of this film was very widely known to all generations but lead actor’s image was too young to appeal middle aged people because he had been famous for a long time as a child actor. So, we decided to emphasize the ensemble of actors rather than the lead actor to establish this film as family movie. As a result, this film achieved good results in the summer season and the leading actor could reestablish his position as a movie star.

Posters and Trailer

Marketing Campaigns

Character Posters
To show each characters' story and emphasize the Heist genre, we designed the posters as Wanted posters.
My responsibility
I developed the concept of the posters and wrote the copy of them.

Film Showcase
To get good reviews for audiences before releasing, we held the film showcase inviting over 3,000 people and shared behind story of the film with actors.
My responsibility
I planned the event, supervised artworks for the event, and wrote the script guide for host and actors.

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  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Rating: PG-12
  • Release: 2016-07-06
  • Director: Dae-min Park
  • Production: M pictures
  • Distribution: CJ Entertainment