Game Designer

Design Overview My team worked on adding new episodes of the game and managed the game branch in China and Taiwan. I was responsible for writing the game stories of NPCs and developing an interactive pet character for the new episodes. I also updated the live service and planned the QA for the Taiwan server every month. Jan 2013, we launched the Season 2 episode – which received 55,000 hits from concurrent users (CCU) in Korea two weeks after the launch of the service.

My Responsibilities

  • Wrote NPCs’ backstory for Season 2 update
  • Supervised the development of an interactive pet character
  • Analyzed user behavior database and reorganized level system for new registered user
  • Worked closely with the engineering team, animators, and art designers to develop additional system features
  • Planned promotion events for monetization and user engagement
  • Managed live service and planned the QA for Taiwan server

Season2 Trailer

Game Design

Pet Character
To boost sales of pet items, our team planned to develop interactive features.
My responsibility
I designed the character's skills, actions, and combat styles including interactive skills for this pet. My design allowed the pet to express emotions such as anger, hunger, and pleasure as well as the ability to dance with the player to increase personal intimacy. Depending on its mood, the ability of the pet varies.

Season 2 - Sub Stories
Season 2 was the biggest update after releasing the game because it introduced different parts of the game world (the Ocean and the Desert), and started whole new stories with new characters.
My responsibility
I wrote 22 episodes in Season 2 with new adventures and NPCs backstory. I improved the game by adding the emotional stories about the background of the battle and secrets of the NPCs so that players could get familiar with the new characters and explore the world in a more interesting way.
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NPC's concept art

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  • Project Type: Game Development
  • Location: Seoul, South Korea
  • Date: Jul 2012-Jul 2013
  • Genre: Online Action MMORPG
  • Release: 2010-01-21
  • Developer: devCAT
  • Publisher: Nexon